The Questions flow helps you automatically detect the most frequent questions in your guests' messages, and answer them with your replies. Here is a preview:

  1.  Smartbnb detects questions in the guests' messages.
  2. If questions are detected, they are classified by domain (such as "parking").
  3. When a question is detected, we can send a message replying to this question if there is an active rule for this domain at the stage of the conversation, and that question has not been answered before.
  4. You can configure different replies to this domain depending on the stage of the conversation. Some replies might be relevant only if the guest has not booked yet, is preparing their trip, or is staying at your property.

The Questions flow is currently only available when the conversation is in English.

Questions currently available

Some questions are made available to everyone, such as:

  • discount requests,
  • early check-in request (including baggage drop off),
  • late check-out request (including baggage drop off),
  • parking,
  • WiFi,
  • restaurant suggestions
  • kitchen (including cooking),
  • infants,
  • pets.

Those questions are available when you want to add a new reply under the Questions flow.

Create custom models

The list doesn't have to end here: you can also train Smartbnb to detect any categories of questions you would like, without any limits (such as questions about airport, deposits, stairs....).

Testing the Questions flow

You might wonder what kind of questions will be detected by the AI. You can test the accuracy of our machine by using what we call the AI console. 

The AI Console can help you realize the scope of questions that will be detected within one domain. This console is designed to test our models.

The AI Console is available to trialling users and customers.

How to use the AI console:

  1. Enter any question relevant to one or several domains, placing yourself in the situation of a guest.
  2. Observe the result: did the AI detect a question within one the trained models?

How will the Questions flow reply?

There are two distinguishable scenarios for answering. Sending an independent message or integrating the answers to templates in Events flow. 

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