Guests ask questions at any time of the conversation, so we analyze all messages for potential questions. We prepare a reply when a question has been detected, for which there is a matching rule. 

We distinguish between two possible scenarios.

The general scenario: sending an independent message

In this scenario, we detect a question at any point of the conversation, and we will send an independent message. 

We will also manage the greetings to the guest (such as "Hi %guest_first_name%", "Hi again" or nothing at all depending on your last interaction with the guest.

For this scenario, you have the option to review the message manually by defining the mode for Questions to Manual, or on the contrary let Smartbnb send the message right away under the Automatic mode. You can change this settings for the Questions flow under the Settings tab.

The specific scenario: the question is within the inquiry or request to book message (integration with Events).

It would not be practical to send an automatic reply to the inquiry, then another message about the specific questions. For that reason, we want to include the answer to the question right within the template for inquiry, or any event for that purpose.

You can do so with the short code %answers%.

Under this situation, we will replace the short code %answers% with all answers for questions that have been detected in the last guest's message (and have not been answered yet).

If no question is detected in the last guest's message, the short codes %answers% is of course erased from the message, and will not be seen by the guest. We will also remove any additional line breaks. 

For this scenario, the message will be prepared and/or sent in accordance with your settings under the Events flow (Automatic, Defensive, or Manual).

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