Naming your Airbnb listing is an art form on its own. Usually, the long catchy title that highlights all the best features of your property is not the one you would use to refer to your listing within your daily business.

This is why Smartbnb offers the possibility to nickname your listing within our interface. 

In addition to the nicknames you might also want to group your listings and organise your inbox accordingly. This is where tags come in handy.

How to nickname your listing?

You will find the field for the nickname in the listing manager. Select the listing and
enter the nickname to the nickname field. Don't forget to save!

Congrats! Your listings now have convenient nicknames that you will see all across our interface.

This action will also automatically create a custom code %%nickname%% for the listing. 

Where will the nickname come up?

The nickname will come up on your user interface, for example in the inbox filters, or when selecting a listing. 

Because this is also a custom code, you can include it in your Smartbnb templates, for example to your guests or to your teammmates. If you wish to use the nickname in your messages, include the custom code %%nickname%% into your messages just like any custom code.  This is an especially useful feature to use in your team messages. 

Tagging your listing

You will find the option to tag your listing in the same location where you created the nickname. The number of tags is not limited for a listing. You can enter as many as you wish as long as you separate them with a comma. 

The tags will be used in your inbox as an additional way to filter and organise your messages. 

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