In order to allow a smooth transition period, ongoing reservations are treated differently when you first start automating. By default, Smartbnb will not schedule messages for ongoing reservations because there is no way for us to determine which information has already been communicated manually.

What is an ongoing reservation?

An ongoing reservation is a reservation that was ongoing at the time you started automating by switching on your automatic rules. 

You will recognise ongoing reservations under the reservations flow and team flow timeline because these reservations will not have any automatic messages scheduled after you have activated your rules.

How to schedule messages for ongoing reservations?

If you do wish to schedule messages for reservations that were ongoing at the time you started automating, you can manually trigger the generation of messages for these reservations. 

You can do so by selecting the name of the guest from the dropdown menu under the reservations flow and clicking on the button Schedule messages that will appear next to the messaging timeline. 

Keep in mind that this button will schedule reservations flow messages according to ALL active rules relevant for the booking. You will have time to delete the messages that you find unnecessary at this stage of the reservation. 

For example, if you have a rule set up for a welcome message but the the  reservation is at the check-out stage, the welcome message does get generated but will not be sent immediately. You are expected to review the generated messages and delete unnecessary ones manually. 

Team messages for ongoing reservations

The same logic applies for the ongoing reservations under the team flow.

If you have set up reminder messages for your team that are scheduled according to the check-out time, you need to manually generate the messages for ongoing stays under the team flow also. 

Editing your templates 

If you make changes to your template after activating your rules, the changes will apply to all reservations confirmed after making the change. If you want to apply the change to all scheduled messages, switch the rule off for editing and switch it back on once you are done.

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