All scheduled messages are conveniently organised into a timeline to give you a clear overview of messages scheduled for a specific reservation. 

You can find the timeline if you go to messaging command centre reservations flow and scroll down past the rules. At the bottom of the page, you'll find a dropdown menu which allows you to select a reservation. The timeline will look like this: 

Green, yellow, red?

Messages that appear in green are messages that have been successfully sent. Once you click on the details button, you'll see the log report of the message. 

Messages that appear in yellow are messages that are scheduled for the future. You have the freedom to edit these, delete them or send them sooner. To send a message sooner or edit the contents, click on the edit button. 

If you delete a message, it will appear in red. Having second thoughts? Simply click on the restore button next to a deleted message to restore it. 

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