Traveling guests may have hectic schedules and from time to time you may encounter a need to reschedule your messages for a specific booking. For example, in case of an early check-in you may want to make sure that your guest receives the check-in instructions at a convenient time for a smooth check-in. 

Arrival and departure times

Smartbnb scans your messages for updated arrival or departure times. These times are displayed in your inbox above the thread and on your Smart Calendar. However, these updated times do not reschedule your messages by default. 

For example, your guest may confirm that they will be arriving at 6PM instead of the 3PM standard check-in time, but your messages would still be scheduled according to the standard check-in time. 

Rescheduling messages 

If you wish to reschedule your messages according to the updated arrival or departure times, you will have to manually confirm these times from your inbox or from your Smart calendar page. 

In order to confirm these times from the inbox, open the thread and locate the following setting. After making the selection, click on 'Select'. 

In order to confirm these times from your Smart Calendar, open the booking and locate the following setting. After making the selection, click on 'Select' and make sure to save. 

The result 

Your reservations flow messages for this booking are now scheduled according to the new check-in time. This rescheduling does not affect your team messages. Your team messages will be sent according to the listings check-in/out times. 

The short codes %check_in_hour% and %check_out_hour% will be populated with the new arrival and departure times that you just confirmed. This applies to the reservations flow messages and to the team messages. 

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