So! Let's say you want to make use of one of Airbnb's features that are available to guests - for example, the check-in module - and you want to include a link for guests to access directly in a message.

To do this, you can take advantage of short codes to include the listing ID in a link. Here's an example message using this tactic:

Hi %guest_first_name%,

I wanted to send you some details about your upcoming check-in at %listing_name% on %reservation_check_in%.

You can find all the details under 'Checking in' on your Airbnb app. Here's a convenient link for you to access the full check-in instructions.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I'm looking forward to hosting you!

As you can see, the %listing_id% short code is used to find the listing ID in question. Because the link contains the listing ID, this can create a dynamic link for you to use in your messages.

One thing to keep in mind with this trick is that Airbnb does not use hyperlinks in messages, so guests will have to copy and paste the link into the web browser. If this is a concern, you may consider using a custom short code to create your check-in instructions inside Smartbnb.

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