Messaging is our automated communication suite for Airbnb hosts.

The messaging flow consists of five components, with different purposes to automate your messaging and communication. Although it is possible to use each module separately, they are made to work together.

  • Events:
    the Events flow manages your communication from an inquiry to a reservation and every event in between.
  • Questions:
    the Questions flow will look for potential questions in all your guests' messages.
  • Reservations:
    the Reservations flow helps you deliver your hospitality to your guests, before, during and after their stay.
  • Team:
    the Team flow ables you to automate your communication with different service providers like cleaners, concierge etc. 
  • Reviews:
    the Reviews flow can compose and publish reviews to guests.

Messages for the Events, Questions and Reservations flow are sent directly within Airbnb. This means guests will receive emails and SMS alerts as usual, from Airbnb.

Messages for the Team flow are sent to your teammates by email or SMS.

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