Rules define the moment when you want Messaging to do something. All messaging flows require you to have active rules to perform their operations.

Types of rules

Each rule is fundamentally a "trigger" for a message. That trigger depends on the messaging flow (that is, either Events, Reservations, Questions, Team or Reviews).

For the Events flow, for example, rules can define what to do whenever an inquiry is received, a pre-approval is sent, a request to book is received, a new reservation is received or a pre-approval has expired.

Pre-loaded rules

We believe people that need to automate their communication don't have the time to configure a complex system. 

This is why when you create your Smartbnb account, or when you connect a new Airbnb account, we automatically pre-configure some rules and templates

Naturally, we do encourage you to review the templates and adapt them to your personal setup and goal.

Create a new rule

Most of the time, you won't need to create a new rule: the pre-loaded rules are often enough to help you get started. 

Just make sure to review each tab and see the options available.

In case you want to do something special, creating a rule is super simple.

Configure a rule to apply only to a listing

By default, rules are applicable for all listings under your account. 

Naturally, they can also be restricted to one or several of your listings

You can configure a rule to be specific to a listing by clicking your rule on Edit, then select the listing to which you want to restrict the current rule, in the Additional settings panel.

Activate the rule

Rules need to be individually activated for Messaging to work and send templates from rules. You can activate the rule from the top right corner of the rule editor or directly from the Command Center.

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