The Events flow will check your Airbnb host inbox every minute, and will see if an event has happened since the last check.

Events that can be automated with Smartbnb are:

  • a new booking inquiry was received,
  • a new pre-approval was sent,
  • a new request to book was received,
  • a reservation has been accepted, 
  • a reservation has been cancelled,
  • a pre-approval has expired,
  • an inquiry, or a request to book, was denied, 
  • a new special offer has begun,
  • an issue with the guest's payment has occurred.

We will only detect new events from the moment your service is activated after your host inbox has been indexed.

You are able to choose what action (if any) you wish the Events flow to take in case an event from the above list is detected. Set up your rules, edit the templates and see the magic in action. 

The Events flow has three different automation modes to choose from. These can be found under the Messaging flow Settings tab.

🚀 Automatic mode - send as soon as possible

Automatic mode is what it's all about. This is also why it is set as the default. Replying to your guests automatically within just 30 seconds is proven to improve your ranking and boost your conversion rate. You are able to react when your guests are still on Airbnb and lower the chance that they will contact a competitor. 

🛡 Defensive mode - prepare every message, send after set time

The defensive mode could be described as having an always-on assistant, ready to answer if you are not available. Messages are initially prepared and a copy of the customized message is sent to you. If you have not replied to the guest on Airbnb after a specified time the customized message will be sent automatically on your behalf. 

🐌 Passive mode - prepare every message, never send

No messages will ever be sent, but you will immediately receive a prepared message for your response. You save time and retain absolute control.

All of the three modes will prepare (and send, depending on your choice) the messages only for activated rules.

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