As a great host, you don't want to send messages to your guests at four in the morning, just because they are coming from halfway around the world to visit your country.

For this reason, we enforce a strict rule: all messages sent under the Reservations flow should only be received between 9 am and 9 pm by the guest, wherever they are.

We explain here how we determine the timezones and how we can reschedule the messages a bit earlier than planned to enforce this rule.

During the stay

From the check-in day to the check-out day, the messages are scheduled on the basis of your listing's timezone, which is itself determined on the basis of your address.

As a reminder, the "check-in" is the starting hour of your check-in window, and the "checkout" is the end hour of your check-out window.

Before the check-in day and after the check-out day

Outside of the booked dates, the messages will still be scheduled on the basis of your listing's timezone.

However, we will check that your rules would not schedule a message outside of the 9am-9pm window in the "original" guest's timezone, which the timezone of the city they come from.

When that is the case, we will reschedule your message.

We also know that people will sometimes stay within the same area (or country, or continent) to pursue their adventures and will not immediately come back home after their check-out with you.

That is the reason why when it is necessary to reschedule a message (and only in that scenario), the message is always:

  • sent earlier than initially planned, so that you can expect that all messages will be received by the time defined in your rule;
  • Rescheduled to a time that is agreeable to both timezones.

Disabling the time zone rule

Even though we do not recommend it, you are able to disable the time zone rule manually. You will find this option under your account settings

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