Messages to teammates can be delivered either by email or by text message (SMS).


To ensure the maximum reliability of the service (in particular, guarantee that the message is not classified as Spam), emails are sent from our servers, from virtual email addresses

However, replies to team emails are sent directly to your Smartbnb email address. You will receive messages from your teammates as you would expect, without them being relayed by Smartbnb in any way.

Text message (SMS)

Text messages require a customer account with us. If you are currently trialling Smartbnb, you will need to subscribe to be able to send text messages. The trial period will still proceed as expected, and you will not be charged until the end of the trial period.

Text messages are sent from a phone number managed by Smartbnb.

Replies to this phone number from teammates are monitored.

If your teammate sends a message to that phone number, we will relay their message back to you, over email. Due to technical limitations, it is however not possible to guarantee that all replies will be relayed if the same teammate is helping several Smartbnb users.

SMS sent by Smartbnb are not charged extra.

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