The Team flow is designed to keep your team mates in the loop. It helps you automate the communication with service providers like concierge, cleaning, laundry or check-in person. In addition to this, you can use this flow to keep the owner or manager informed about what is happening on the property.

You can configure your Team flow to send messages for a wide variety of triggers:

  • when you receive a new inquiry,
  • when you send a pre-approval,
  • when you receive a new request to book,
  • when a reservation is confirmed,
  • when a reservation is cancelled,
  • when a reservation has been altered (ie: the check-in or check-out dates have changed, or the number of guests has changed).

Alterations messages are not triggered if the only thing that has changed is the amount of the reservation.

In addition, when a reservation is accepted, you can schedule messages to teammates:

  • before/after the check-in time,
  • before/after the check-out time.

Keep in mind, that the team rules based on check-in or check-out time are only generated for reservations that have been secured after that rule is activated.

Adding a new team mate

You can find the option of adding a team mate if you scroll a bit down on the Team tab.

Add a teammate by clicking on the blue "Add teammate" button.

Please pay attention to the language that will be used to send a message to your teammate as this will define the template that will be used and the format of dates and monetary values. In addition, please pay attention to the service/type, which will determine what type of message will be sent to that contact.

Make sure to add the email address and phone number of the team mate as those are the two means of communication

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