Smartbnb offers the possibility to automate reviews while making them look as diverse and natural as possible. In addition to this, Smartbnb provides a solution that allows you to give honest feedback in case of a bad experience while minimizing the negative effect on the reputation of the listing. 

Activating automatic reviews

The automatic publication of reviews is only active after you activate at least one rule under the Reviews tab. This means that you activate reviews automation by activating any rule under the Reviews tab (or flow).


We will randomly assign an activated rule to the review. By this, we assure that your reviews are varied and do not appear obviously automated. The more rules there are, the more diverse your comments will appear to your guests.

That is also the reason why we automatically pre-load reviews automation with 2 rules, but we encourage you to add more and adapt them to your style.

When are reviews generated?

Reviews are made available to hosts at varying times of the day. We will look for new reviews under your account every hour.

Whenever a new review is made available to you, we will randomly assign one of your rules to that review and will generate the comments on the basis of your templates. 

When you first activate the rules you may already have some older pending reviews waiting on Airbnb. Smartbnb will generate the reviews immediately but schedule the publication to one day later. This gives you time to edit your feedback manually.

Time of publication

Unless you manually decide to intervene, the reviews will be published at the time set by your rule (by default, 3 days after check-out). You are able to publish the review before the set time by clicking on the "Publish now" button you will find if you open the review editor. Another way of interfering would be to publish a review on Airbnb manually. 

You always have the possibility to edit the comments, the number of stars given, and the "thumbs-up" recommendation to your guests before the publication. Even after a review has been sent automatically by Smartbnb, you may still edit your review within 48 hours until your guest publishes their review.

Email alerts

You will receive emails for each prepared review at the moment it is captured, and at the moment the review is sent. These emails remind you to take action and edit the reviews if necessary. Make sure to react in case of a negative review or negative experience by using our handling bad reviews feature. 

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