Sometimes you may be uncomfortable with automatic reviews. That is fine! You have ample opportunities to edit your reviews to your guests. 

Editing reviews is possible after the review has been created on Airbnb. Just click on the Reviews tab, where you will be able to see all pending reviews (reviews you still have to publish). 

Click on the review to edit the review option panel:

You can easily edit any parameter of your review:

  • Comment
  • Stars for each item
  • Thumbs or down (Recommend the guest to other hosts).

After saving your comments and feedback, you will have access to other options:

  • Publishing now, giving you an additional opportunity to review your comments.
  • Bad review mode.

You can also delete the review. This means the review will no longer be monitored by us, and will deactivate the publication of the automatic review. This will not affect your review on Airbnb: you may still leave your review on Airbnb.

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