Our market reports are a powerful tool to help you manage your Airbnb business. Think of it as a weather report for your listing, letting you know if your listing is performing as you expect.

Here is an example of the summary from a report. This report was edited for a listing in Brussels, Belgium, with a capacity of 6 guests.

The summary will give you:

  • The dates for the hypothetical stay considered.
  • Your base rate.
  • Some indicators for your market (max, min, median and average rate).
  • Your position in search results.
  • The number of listings available for those dates.

Reading the summary

We will read the first line of the report.

Hypothetical stay ("Jan 10 to 13")

Experienced hosts have a tendency to forget that guests do not book nights: they book stays, with defined dates. Although hosts make a habit of thinking of pricing by altering the rate for each individual night, most of it is not seen by guests as such.

Market reports are generated for an actual stay on the basis of your calendar availabilities within the next 3 months.

Your rate per night ("€237")

Your rate is composed as such:

  • Your base nightly rate.
  • Cleaning fees spread across the entire stay.
  • Additional guests fees if applicable.

However, the rate doesn't include Airbnb service fees, as charged on the guest or on the host, as it may be variable depending on the guest or the host country.

If you are not in the first 400 search results, you will see a "--" because we are unable to confirm your rate from the search results. Please have a look on this page for additional explanations.

Competitors' rates (min, max, median, average)

Similar to your rate, your competitors' rates will also include cleaning fees and additional guests fees, excluding Airbnb service fees. 

In case your listing is a shared unit you can apply a filter to your search and filter out the rates of entire units or vice versa. The search does not differentiate between bookings with or without Instant Book.

All indicators are based upon the rates of the first 400 listings. Although most indicators should be self-explanatory, we would like to remind that the median indicates that half of the listings are cheaper than this rate, and the other half is more expensive.

In addition, you will also see the progression of those indicators compared to the day before.

Ranking ("21")

If your listing is placed in the first 400 search results, you will find here your ranking position. This is the ranking position in which most users, and all new users, in particular, will see your listing appearing during their first search. Once they look at an individual listing, their search results will be affected to "match" them.

If you are not in the first 400 search results, you will see a red cross (❌). Please have a look on this page for additional explanations.

In addition, you will also see the progression of your ranking compared to the day before.

Available listings ("21/518")

The number at the left of your ranking is the number of listings available. For example, for a stay from January 10 to January 13, this listing is in 21st position amongst 518 listings available at this time.

In some cases you will see a % instead of a number ("21/15%"). The % gives you an idea of the current occupancy in this market for those dates; for example, 15% means 15% of all listings ever created in this market are still available for those dates.

In some markets, Airbnb makes it impossible to collect a more precise number of listings, and we will display a percentage whenever the number is superior to 1,000.

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