Reservations flow sends Airbnb messages to guests before, during and after a reservation. The rules for these messages are based on the check-in or check-out time. This is the place where you can set up check-in instructions, welcoming messages, review requests and much more. 

Messages in the Reservations flow are created in advance depending on the default behaviour set by your rules. 

Messages are generated at the moment when:

  • There is a new accepted reservation (detected from the Events flow).
  • There is a new cancelled reservation (detected from the Events flow).
  • An alteration request was accepted (detected from the Events flow).
  • A rule from the Reservations flow was activated.
  • A rule from the Reservations flow was deactivated.
  • You have manually requested the update of the schedule for a reservation.

This ensures that the timeline will accurately reflect the scheduled messages while giving you a complete freedom to bind the Reservations flow to your will. You will find the timeline of your reservation flow messages if you scroll down on the reservations tab and select a name of a guest.

Scheduled messages under Reservation tab follow our time zones principle. All messages sent under the Reservations flow should only be received between 9 am and 9 pm by the guest, wherever they are. This ensures a better experience for the guest and gives you a peace of mind.  

If anything seems odd, do not hesitate to press the "Schedule messages" button to manually request the regeneration of your scheduled messages.

Alterations to reservations

Sometimes, guests or hosts make alterations to reservations. Those alterations may affect the messages that are scheduled. For example, a guest staying longer means that check-out instructions need to be sent later than initially planned.

For this reason, when there is a newly accepted alteration to a reservation, we will automatically re-generate messages planned under the Reservations flow.

Timing the messages

Rather than scheduling your messages one day after/before the check-in (or the check-out), it often makes more sense to actually count the number of hours. For example, you might want to send a short welcoming message on the first morning. Why not include some suggestions for breakfast? You can access the timing settings in the rule editor, in the Additional Settings panel.

Note: changing the timing of rules may require us to refresh the timelines for future reservations. This will be done in the background. If a message is due to be sent, you will receive an email warning. If you take no action, the message will be sent after 30 minutes.

It might happen, that some of your messages in the reservations flow are important only to guests with a certain length of stay. You can always manually edit or delete the generated messages on the guests' timeline but a much simpler way to do this is to restrict the messages to be sent only in case of a certain length of stay. 

If a guest is staying just one night, you probably don't need to send a short message to make sure that everything is okay, and then another one for the check-out. What may make more sense is to send only one message, in the morning, to remind them of the check-out time (if you deem it necessary).

Please make sure that other messages, that should not be sent, are not included for all reservations. They should be restricted to longer reservations (depending on your wishes and hosting requirements, either 2 nights and longer, or 3 nights and longer).

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