The Questions flow detect the questions in your guests messages, and can let Smartbnb provide your answers to your guests. But how does it work behind the scenes?

Smartbnb uses a technology called machine learning to detect your guest questions. This is not like looking for a particular word in a message. For example, humans can understand very well that "park a car" is not the same as "going to a park", or that a hot dog is not a pet.

However, this would not be so easy for a machine to detect the nuance without using artificial intelligence. This is why scientists and engineers have developed this technology designed to let the machine learn from itself, with examples from real life.

Trained by real-life examples

It requires a lot of examples to create a machine learning model. The more variety, the better. Smartbnb is well positioned to do so since we collect all messages in your host inbox. 

We have currently developed training models for a few domains:

  • parking,
  • discount request,
  • wifi,
  • infants,
  • pets.

High level of confidence

In addition, it is always possible to require the algorithm to reach a certain level of confidence to classify a question into one of those domains. We believe it is okay not to detect a question that is there than to detect a question that is not there. 

In our case, we have decided that the algorithm has to be highly confident that the question is indeed within a domain for that to amount to a proper detection. 

When in doubt, the AI stays quiet.

No work required on your part

Our models are managed (and supervised) by us. You don't have to train the artificial intelligence to detect something: it works right out of the box, no configuration required from your part. You also cannot create your own domain (yet).

The only thing that you have to do is create the rules for each scenario, as this is very specific to your hosting style and your property.

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