The defensive mode is an option available under the Command Centre Events flow.

Under that messaging mode, Smartbnb will first prepare the message from your template but will wait before actually sending this message to your guests.

You can configure Smartbnb to wait for 5, 10, 30 minutes or an hour before the message is eventually sent automatically to the guest.

During that time window, you will be able to send the message on Airbnb. Smartbnb will also help you send a message manually, on the basis of the message prepared from your templates, and already customized to your work. This means less work do to from your part, and ideally just clicking "Send".

If you have answered within the time, the automatic message will be aborted: the mission has been accomplished!

In any case, you will always have the option to manually delete the automatic message and retake control.

Another option to delete the automatic message if to simply read the conversation on Airbnb (whether on the Web or on a mobile app).

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