By default, team rules based on check-in or check-out time are only generated for reservations that have been secured after that rule is activated. That means messages will be generated only for reservations you don't have yet.

Those messages are not generated for reservations that you have already accepted.

Why are messages scheduled only for future reservations?

This is essential to avoid spamming your teammates.

It is assumed that you have already contacted them at the time the reservation has been secured. Because we don't send messages for those reservations reduces the chance of bookings twice for services.

How can messages be generated for existing reservations?

Naturally, you may want to apply those rules retroactively, to reservations that have already been secured. 

You can do this by clicking on the "Generate messages for all reservations" at the bottom of the Teams tab: 

Clicking on this button will execute all rules that are active at the time. 

Will new reservation messages be sent in retrospect?

No. This button will only trigger rules that are set up based on check-in/out time. New reservation messages can not be sent in retrospect. 

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