Does Smartbnb support co-host accounts?

Smartbnb supports all Airbnb accounts, whether they are primary hosts or co-hosts.

All listings will be imported from Airbnb whether the connected Airbnb account is the primary host, or a co-host of the listing. 

There is no feature distinction between primary hosts and co-host accounts regarding the Messaging component which will work exactly the same way. 

Co-hosted listings are also charged in the same fashion as other listings.

Are there known issues with co-host accounts?

Most Smartbnb users use Smartbnb with a co-host aspect without any complication. 

For example, co-hosts accounts are able to access the same conversations from Airbnb, at the same time. 

However, co-hosted listings will not benefit fully from the Metrics component due to limitations to the data available on Airbnb for co-hosted listing.

Data for co-hosted listings will not appear in the:

  • Reviews export
  • Payouts export

Overlapping/Duplicate listings

On occasions, however, a specific issue may arise, when Smartbnb has access to Airbnb accounts sharing the same listings.

When that is the case, you will receive an email alert to let you know that there is a potential issue with your account. Feel free to reply to this email and contact support for further guidance. We also want to know about your usage case to see how we can help.

This is, for example, the case when you connect to Smartbnb both the primary host Airbnb account, and a co-host account for the same listing. This will also happen when you connect to Smartbnb two co-hosts accounts sharing the management of the same listing.

Unfortunately, this may cause some undesired effects. 

  • For example, we may check the Airbnb inbox for the primary host, and send a message to a guest, then check the Airbnb inbox for co-host and send another message to the same guest, as the conversation is new to the co-host.

    This also means it is not possible to use Smartbnb to communicate from the primary host and the co-host account. 
  • This can also lead to an overcharge for those listings, as there are counted as duplicates. We don't want this to happen.

There are several ways to solve this issue. 

  • Connect Airbnb accounts that are either primary hosts or co-hosts, but do not overlap with each other.
  • Connect only the Airbnb accounts that are the primary hosts and remove co-hosting entirely. 
  • Create a third co-host account, that will be connected with Smartbnb, with co-host access to your listings. This feature may, however, be restricted by Airbnb.

Lastly, do not forget to remove any unnecessary Airbnb accounts from Smartbnb! 

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