Smartbnb can help you manage as many Airbnb accounts as you would like. There is no additional fee imposed by Smartbnb for how many Airbnb accounts you manage.

To add a new account, just go to your Connected accounts page. This page is available on the top-right menu.

Once on this page, you will need to click on the Add a new account button, where you can enter your Airbnb credentials.

Once the valid credentials have been entered, we will start syncing with your Airbnb data. The process can take quite some time, but you can use and configure Smartbnb right away.

Do I need to change my email address? 

No. Smartbnb's native integration with Airbnb means that there is no requirement for you to change your Airbnb email address. We like the ones you are using just fine! 

Will adding a new Airbnb account change my Smartbnb login?

When you create your Smartbnb account, we use your Airbnb email address as a Smartbnb login. 

This will not happen when you add a new Airbnb account to your Smartbnb account. Adding a new Airbnb account will not change your Smartbnb login email.

If you would like to change your Smartbnb login email, you can do from your Settings & Subscription page, on the Profile tab.

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