The conversion rate is the key to your success on Airbnb: it's all about selling!

Is it different from Airbnb's booking rate?

Our conversion rate is not the same as Airbnb's Booking Rate. 

What Airbnb tracks in the booking rate is your "views to bookings" ratio, while our conversion rate is the "conversations to bookings" ratio. 

How is it determined?

Your conversion rate is displayed for each Airbnb account on your Smartbnb dashboard. It is determined by Smartbnb, and comes in two flavours: all-time and for the last 30 days.

Conversion rate (all-time)

The conversion rate for all time is the sum of all reservations under this Airbnb account, out of the sum of all conversations received as a host. 

Conversion rate (last 30 days)

We apply the same maths, with a twist: we will only count the total of new bookings that have been received in the past 30 days, out of the total of new conversations in the past 30 days. 

Does it include cancelled reservations?

We count all reservations, including cancelled, because any reservation means the guest was willing, at one point, to pay for the stay. 

Does it include direct Instant Book conversations?

Instant Book conversations are always counted, including direct Instant Book reservation without any prior conversation with the host. Even if there was no inquiry received for those bookings, this still counts as a new reservation, for a new conversation, that was immediately converted.

Does it count returning/repeat / recurring guests?

For all-time: We consider that guests that are completing several Airbnb bookings within the same Airbnb account only became a customer once, during their first booking. 

For last 30 days: We just count all reservations that have been received in the past 30 days, meaning that if a guest completes 2 bookings within the last 30 days, it will be counted as a "double conversion", while there was only one conversation.

Why it matters

We believe the conversion rate is key to your ranking on Airbnb search results, and we do observe a strong difference between hosts that are more efficient and others. 

The higher the conversion rate, the more you are likely to benefit from an additional exposure on Airbnb search results, gain momentum and fill in your calendars with bookings.

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