Response time is one of the metrics displayed on your Smartbnb Dashboard. 

How is it determined?

Your Airbnb response time is not determined by Smartbnb but by Airbnb. 

In its raw form, it's the number of seconds the guest has to wait to receive a reply (message, approve, decline) to an inquiry or a request to book.

 We round it to the nearest unit (minute or hours); 

Responses to other messages are not accounted for in Airbnb's response time.

Why it matters

A faster response time has a direct impact on your success on Airbnb. 

It matters for search placement

Response time is the most important factor that you can control, with an effect of your listings' search results. 

We find that reducing the response time can have a major effect on a listing's position in search results, as long as you receive inquiries and requests to book and activate the matching Smartbnb rules to answer automatically to those events.

Your guests appreciate a fast answer

Just like you, your guests do not like to wait for an answer. They will appreciate an answers that is delivered fast, while being informative, personal and accurate. 

Smartbnb gives you the tool to deliver such messages, with a reply within 40 seconds on average. This results in a major competitive advantage, resulting in a better conversion from inquiries to bookings.

Reply while they are still on Airbnb: right now

A short response time also means the ability for you to reply to their questions while they are still on Airbnb, on your listing or on your conversation page. 

This means they will have everything needed to come to a buying decision, before they contact another Airbnb host in your area, and while they are still focused on finding their listing.

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