E-mail routing allows you to create an email redirection to one or several e-mail addresses.

Email routing requires creating an email address under a Smartbnb proxy (@host.smartbnb.io) that you can use as a login to your Airbnb account or a new Airbnb account. 

Do I have to change my Airbnb email address?

No. We have a native connection with your Airbnb account. This allows us to access your account's data without affecting your e-mail address or requiring us to store your password.

Smartbnb is not connected to your Airbnb account via email. We don't have access to your email address. In a regular use of Smartbnb, you won't have change your Airbnb email address.

For some users seeking a more convenient email management and managing several Airbnb accounts, email routes can help manage all Airbnb accounts under one email account.

How can email routes be used?

If you manage several Airbnb accounts, you may want to receive all communications related to all of your Airbnb accounts to the same email. 

In addition, you may want to create a new Airbnb account for a new client, which would require you to create a new email address. For this, you would have to create a new email account or email alias, and set up forwarding rules.

Smartbnb saves you the hassle of opening a new email account and lets you generate a @host.smartbnb.io email address. You will be able to create an email redirection from this email route to one or several e-mail accounts.

Redirecting emails to one or several email addresses

Any emails sent to your @host.smartbnb.io route will be redirected to one or several email addresses. 

In order to redirect emails sent to the route of several email addresses, you will just need to enter all email addresses separated by a comma

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