Note: This email relates to our email routing service. It is never required to change your Airbnb email address in order to user Smartbnb. Our email routing service is designed to help hosts manage several Airbnb accounts from the same email address with an easy and quick configuration.

The main added value of an email route is to receive all emails from Airbnb. In order to do so, you will need to change your Airbnb login email.

Once connected to the Airbnb account you would like to change, you should go to your Airbnb user profile, then change the "Email Address" field.

You should then enter the email route (ending in in the email field:

All emails sent to this email address will be forwareded automatically to the email address(es) defined in the email route, ensuring that you, and your clients, would receive all correspondence related to the management of your Airbnb account.

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