Why is our calendar smart?

Your guests have busy lives. They do their best to keep you informed about their arrival and departure times, that often differ from the check-in/out times of the listing. 

Our Smart calendar helps you keep track of the updated arrival and departure times by scanning your messages for these updates. The AI will detect any updates about your guests check-in or check-out times, directly from your conversation, and automatically display the updated times in your calendar. This will help you track the planning of your guests, and adapt your operations at scale.

In case, you would like to edit the arrival and departure times manually you can do so from the inbox by selecting the relevant messaging thread.

Setting up task rules

Smart calendar works alongside with your Team messaging flow. This means that in order to schedule tasks you need to add members to your team and set up some task rules under the Team tab

You will find three types of task rules for every task type (cleaning, check-in, check-out). 

  • New task
  • Updated task
  • Deleted task

Enter the rule editor to view and edit the template of the message that would be sent when you schedule, update or delete a task. There are specific short codes available for the task templates. You'll see a full list of short codes if you click on the short codes link above the template. 

Scheduling tasks on Smart calendar

Locate the desired listing and the date and time slot (AM or PM) on the Smart calendar page. Click on the time slot in order to start scheduling the task - a popup window will open: 

Make your selections regarding the service type, teammate and time and add a task note if you wish. 

Adding a task note

Want to remind your cleaner to clean underneath the bed, bring a box of chocolate, or prepare an extra bed for a larger group? That's the perfect place to do it! 

Tasks notes are meant to be integrated into your task message template with the short code %task_note%. This means that when you are notifying your teammate, they will receive the recap of the job, and your manual note, if you have provided one.

Notifying teammates

When everything looks ready, click schedule and your teammate will be immediately notified by SMS or email according to your task rule preferences. Your message will also include a link that your team members can use to access their personal task calendar.

How to update or delete a task?

Something does not look right, the schedule has changed? No problem. 

Just click on the task on the Smart calendar page and you will find the option to update or delete the task. Your teammate will also be notified of any changes to the tasks. 

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