Smartbnb is all about saving you your valuable time and we want your onboarding process to be quick and easy. We also want to make it simple for you to add new Airbnb and HomeAway accounts to Smartbnb without having to copy-paste your templates or custom codes.

This is why we offer some convenient import and export functions that help you apply your set up to multiple accounts. 

Where to find the import/export functions?

Click on Messaging on the left side menu, select the relevant account and go to the Settings tab that you will find on the right side of the messaging command centre. 

You'll find the functions in the bottom of the page.

Both options would only apply for rules that are applicable to all listings. Rules that are specific to one listing, or to several listings, will not be exported or imported: they are out of the scope of those tools.

When to use the export function?

Export function is the one you will want to use in your onboarding process because it allows you to export the configuration to ALL other Airbnb accounts. 

This means that you can set your rules, custom codes and teammates up under one Airbnb account and then conveniently export your configuration to all other Airbnb accounts.

Is it possible to handle exceptions for some accounts?

 If there are any accounts you would like to exclude from the export you should do this before the export by ticking the box "Do not apply configuration exports to this account" on the corresponding account and saving the settings. 

Will the rules be exported live or inactive?

All of the rules will be exported as active to save you time on switching them on one by one on each account. 

This will also reschedule messages under the reservations and team flow. 

When to use the import function?

Import function is especially useful if you have just added another Airbnb account to your Smartbnb account and you would like to save time on copy-pasting your templates and custom codes that you have already set up. 

To start importing your rules together with custom codes go to the messaging command centre settings tab on the account that you just added.  

After clicking on " Import configuration from one account" you will be presented with a dropdown menu that allows you to choose the Airbnb account that you wish to import the configuration from. 

Will the rules be exported live or inactive?

Since the import is probably the best tool for some manual intervention, all imported rules will be imported as inactive. You will need to active them manually onto the other account.

Rules that apply to ALL listings

The export and import functions will only work on rules, custom codes and teammates that apply to ALL listings.

Any rule, custom code or teammate specific to a listing will be preserved and won't be affected by the import/export. 

It means that if your rules, custom codes or teammates are restricted to specific listings they will not be imported/exported because of a simple logic - the specific listings do not exist under a different account. 

To keep in mind

When you import/export your rules between Airbnb and HomeAway accounts, make sure to review your templates for Airbnb specific language. For example, pay attention to sentences like "Thank you for choosing my listing on Airbnb! ". 

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