Our Smart Calendar solution allows you to create and assign tasks for your teammates. 

What kind of tasks can be created?

Our Smart Calendar is organized around the needs of your daily operations. This means you can create all the cleaning, check-in and check-out tasks. 

To know more on the process to create Tasks on the Smart Calendar, please refer to this article.

How can I share tasks with my teammates?

Smartbnb will take care of the heavy lifting for you. 

Once a task is created, updated, or deleted, you have the option of notifying  your teammate. Those will trigger messages by email or SMS, according to Team flow rules and templates. 

Every email related with a task will include a link allowing your teammates to log-in to a specific teammate interface (the task calendar), to view the tasks assigned to them. 

How are teammates authenticated?

Teammates do not need to create a Smartbnb account to have access to the Smart Calendar; as a matter of fact, they don't even need to setup a password! 

Your teammates will need to enter their email address. They will receive from there a secure link from Smartbnb giving them permissions to access the calendar as is relevant to them.

That link can also be voided: the teammate just needs to log out from the task calendar.

How can teammates access the task calendar?

Make sure you have added your teammate to the cleaning or check-in/out team under the team tab and entered an email address for the teammate.  

Once a teammate has been added you can start scheduling tasks for him and he will be notified of the task by email or SMS. 

Your task message will include a link that directs your teammate to a page where he can request a personal tasks calendar link to his email.

What information can the teammates see?

Your teammates will be able to see their tasks for the day, for the next 7 days and for the ongoing month.

The cleaning tasks will include:

  •  the Google maps link to the listing
  • Your task notes

The check-in/out tasks will include:

  •  the Google maps link to the listing
  • Name of the guest with a link to guest profile
  • Guest profile picture
  • Number of guests
  • Email of the guest
  • Phone number of the guest
  • Check-in/out time
  • Your task note 

How often will the task calendar be updated?

The task calendar will always be up to date. Your teammates will always see the most recent information as it will be in sync with your Smart calendar. A task will appear to the teammates calendar as soon as it is added to the Smart calendar. 

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