Creating your own dashboard allows you to merge different reports into a single view. Our easy to use interface helps you build your display to best suit your needs. Quickly create a visually rich dashboard to help you organize your data. 

To get started click the "Add new dashboard" button.

This will bring you into "Edit mode". Your next step should be to name the dashboard. Think "operations"or "financials".

Next, you'll add reports to the dashboard. There are currently 38 different options for you to choose. Select your report and be sure to click "Add report". You can drag and drop the "cards" anywhere on the page to create your own layout.  The size of each card can be manipulated as well.

Once you are all done, be sure to click the purple "Save" button.  If you would like to delete the entire dashboard use the red "Delete" button.

After you successfully save your dashboard click "View dashboard mode" in the upper right portion of the screen.  What if you decide you want to make some changes?  The "Edit mode" button is located at the top of the screen. 

Once you are done your dashboard will appear in the sidebar for easy access.  Clicking on any card in your dashboard will take you directly to that report.

With so many options available, finding exactly what you need will be a breeze!

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