How great would it be to have a snapshot of your metrics emailed to you regularly? With our new "Metrics" feature we can do just that.

Once you have created a dashboard, we'll email you a PDF on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis. You can select who'll receive your reports and for which listings. Do you want to send a monthly report to a property owner?  No problem!

After you access "Metrics", scroll to the bottom of the sidebar to find "Settings and Scheduling". Then select the "Schedule sending reports" tab. 

The first thing you should do is define your roles by selecting "Add new role". Similar to our team tab you'll be able to create roles so that you can send reports to managers, owners, staff, and more. 

Now let's start adding your recipients. The blue "Add new recipient" button will open up your teammate editor. Be sure to select their role and for which listings you would like them to receive reports. If your listings accept multiple currencies or are in different time zones, make sure you select the appropriate choices for your recipient. Hit save and let's move on to scheduling your reports.

Click "Add new scheduled report" to select who will receive your reports and when. Choose which dashboard you would like to send and for which listings. Pick the roles that will receive that report and the frequency in which they will be sent. Now all you need to do is click "Save" and we'll do the rest!

When will the reports be sent? 

The daily reports will be sent at 9AM in your timezone, each day for the previous day. 

You can expect the weekly reports to be sent out each Monday for the past week.

Monthly reports will be sent on the 1st of each month for the past month. 

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