What is Sync?

Sync empowers you to list your property on multiple platforms (Airbnb and HomeAway) without having to worry about the headache of manually managing availability: blocking dates,  


Sync enables you to create a link between two listings. Once linked - Sync will immediately synchronise your bookings, alterations, and cancellations between Airbnb and HomeAway, in near real-time.

You'll need to have at least 1 Airbnb account, and 1 HomeAway account, both with active listings setup in Smartbnb to use Sync.

Getting Started

Sync is currently in beta. If you've been invited to try Sync - you'll see a new nav item in your Navigation bar:

If you've not yet received an invite, but are excited to try out these features, please contact us!

Creating a Property (Matched Listings)

For Sync to work it's magic, you first need to create a property - a pair of listings. To do this, on the Sync interface, navigate to the Unmatched Listings area, which will show you all currently unmatched listings (Airbnb listings on the left, HomeAway listings on the right).

To create a link between two listings, first select an Airbnb listing by clicking or tapping on the listing card. A green dot will appear on the edge of the card, to show it has been selected. 

Now, on the right, find the HomeAway listing you'd like to link to, and click or tap on this one. This will create a link between the two listings:

Once you see the two listings linked, the page will refresh and show you a new entry under Matched Listings.

Enabling/Disabling Sync for a Property

You can view the Sync status for any pair of listings under Matched Listings on the Sync screen. To enable Sync, click or tap the switch until it shows in green with the status 'syncing'.

Sync is now enabled.

To turn Sync off, simply toggle the same switch off.

Setting a Property nickname

A Property nickname can help you to differentiate between similar properties.

By default, your Property nickname will automatically be set to the nickname (or listing name if you don't have a nickname) of the Airbnb property associated to the property. To change this, find the Property under the Matched Listings area of the Sync screen, click 'Edit', type a new Property nickname, and click 'Save'. 

You should see the new Property nickname reflected immediately.

Unlinking Listings

If you'd like to remove the link between listings in a property, you can unlink the listings. To do this, first locate the Property under Matched Listings and click 'Edit'. 

Then click on 'Unlink', and accept the 'Are you sure...' prompt. 

This will remove the Property from Matched Listings and place both listings back into Unmatched Listings.

Note: This is usually only used if you linked two listings by mistake. You can deactivate Sync for a listing without having to Unlink it's Listings

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