If you manage several Airbnb or Vrbo accounts, you may want to receive all communications related to all of your accounts to the same email. You may also want to create a new account for a client, which would require you to create a new email address. For this, you would have to create a new email account or email alias, and set up forwarding rules.

This makes it a prime choice for property managers that are interested in quickly onboarding their clients accounts, or creating a new client account, for hosts that want several people of their team to be in copy of every notification from your booking channel.

Smartbnb saves you the hassle of opening this new email account and lets you generate a @host.smartbnb.io email address. You will be able to create an email redirection from this email route to one or several e-mail accounts. Learn how to set up email routing here.

In practice, any emails sent to your @host.smartbnb.io route (or alias) will be redirected to one (or several) email addresses of your choice, immediately, and without appearing to be forwarded.

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