The beauty of our User Management section is the ability to set permissions on each one of your secondary users. This allows you to restrict or allow access to certain features on Smartbnb. This is where user access and permissions come in! Whether you are creating a new secondary user or editing an existing user, you can set the permissions from the User edit page:

  • When creating a new user, click on the + invite a new user button

  • When editing an existing user, click on the user seen in the list on the User Management page.

From the Secondary User edit page, you'll see two main sections that will be used to customize the permissions of your users: the access and permissions sections.

The access section is where you can set if you want the user to have full access or custom access to your account.

  • Full access gives the user full permissions and access to your Smartbnb account,

  • Custom access allows you to set which permissions the user will have.

The permissions section is where you can set the specific permissions a user with custom access has and which permissions they are restricted from seeing.

  • You can set if the user has access to the Inbox and Calendar, along with the ability to toggle on and off the ability to see the financials on those pages.

  • You can also set if the user has access to Properties, Guest Experience, Operations, Apps, and Metrics.

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