The default language detection is based on the language in which your guest is viewing your listing (and pays their reservation). However, it is possible to activate the option to Prioritize the language of the conversation.

How does it work?

We check the first message in the conversation sent by the guest. We determine the language used and then set the language of the conversation. It is later used to generate automatic messages.

With this option active, you will also be able to change the language of each conversation manually. Learn how to change the language manually for a selected conversation.

Are there any limitations?

It may happen that your guest will send you a greeting in one language and then continue the message in another language. We will take into consideration the language used in the first few words in of the message, so this may return a false detection.

We are only able to detect the language if the conversation starts with the message sent by the guest. If the conversation starts from the message sent by the host or an event (for example Checkpoint or, in rare instances New reservation without a message from the guest), we will use the fallback language.

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