The Sync tool works to protect double-bookings in all listings contained in that property.

When a booking is accepted, cancelled or altered on one listing, those dates are then blocked/unblocked accordingly in the other listing(s) within 30 seconds to avoid double bookings.

In some cases, if the booking channel is experiencing downtimes affecting our ability to block/unblock the calendar on their platform, we immediately send you an email informing you that the sync attempt has failed and you are recommended to manually block/unblock the dates on that platform's calendar.

Take note that Sync is triggered only by new reservations, alterations and cancellations.

  • If you manually block/unblock dates on one calendar, it will not be synced to the other calendars.
  • To easily block/unblock dates, it is recommended to do it from our Calendar, as this gets pushed to all listings (across all connected platforms) for that property.

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