Our product supports receiving messages sent by Booking.com guests. This will ensure that messages from all your messages can be read in one place.

Booking.com requires an extra configuration step that needs to be completed for us to receive messages from your guests. Until this step is completed, our application will not be able to receive messages from Booking.com guests.

Please make sure you've followed step 1 and step 2 before proceeding.

On Booking.com

  • After receiving an email from Smartbnb with a unique email address for your Booking.com property, on your Booking.com account, select the property in question.

  • Click on Account, then Contacts.

  • On the contact page, scroll down until you see "Special request", then click for "Add contact".

Once this is completed, we will be able to receive messages that are sent from guests from that point in time. Out of privacy concerns

I am connecting several Booking.com properties to Smartbnb. Do I need to repeat this step for every property.

Yes, you will need to repeat this configuration for each Booking.com property that is connected to Smartbnb.

Each email address will be generated for a unique Booking.com property, and you will need to add that email address on the corresponding Booking.com special requests contact for this property.

Now you're ready to learn how setting pricing for your Booking.com listing works. See step 4 here.

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