requires some steps on your extranet to complete the configuration of your channel manager. This provides some benefits, since you don't have to share your login and password with our application for example. This article will detail the steps on's extranet, to connect Smartbnb as a channel manager.

First make sure you've gone through the steps of adding your account to Smartbnb then you will need to:

  1. Log in to your account, and Click on the selected property.

  2. Click on Account, then Connectivity provider.

  3. Search for Smartbnb and set it as your connectivity provider.

  4. Select Reservations, prices and availability for the connection type, then click Next.

  5. Check that the contact person email matches your account email (You have provided that email address to Smartbnb in the previous stage).

  6. Accept the XML agreement. (You may not have to do that if you have already used another provider).

  7. Ensure that Connect automatically to the provider is selected, then click on Next.

We will send you a notification via email as soon as we are able to import your listings.

What is specific about the connection to Smartbnb?

You can find the details of the process on the article How can I connect to a channel manager? that is part of's own documentation. A few things are required to connect with Smartbnb to ensure a fast and secure connection:

  • Ensure that you start by "Connect your account" on our application.

  • On, ensure that your contact person email is the same as your account email.

  • On, ensure that you accept the XML agreement.

  • On, ensure that you have selected "Connect automatically to the provider".

We will send you a notification via email as soon as we are able to import your listings.

Please note:

There can only be one channel manager configured per property. If you are currently using another channel manager, it will have to be removed to be able to select Smartbnb as a channel manager instead.

Now you're ready to setup receiving messages from your guests. See step 3 here.

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