To start managing your properties and rooms using our solution, you will need to have your properties already created and setup on as well as rooms open for your properties.

Once you've created your properties on, you will be able to connect them to our product. To do so, you will need to complete a few operations both on our application and on, and some information will also be communicated to you via email.

1. On Smartbnb

  1. Go to the Connected accounts page

  2. Click on the Connect with button

  3. Follow the instructions on the screens

Through our interface, you will be asked to:

  • verify your setup

  • provide (or simply confirm) your email address

  • configure a markup rate to push prices from the Smartbnb calendar

2. On

Once logged in on your property, please make sure the rate plan for each of your properties is a standard rate plan. Once a standard rate plan is in place, you will need to set Smartbnb as your channel manager. Learn how to configure Smartbnb as a channel manager for

Now we will import your properties and units to Smartbnb.

3. The "[ACTION REQUIRED]" email to finish the setup of your property

After this import is completed, we will send you an email confirmation with a unique email address generated for each property. This email address will end with "". In this email you will have instructions to:

Now you're ready to set Smartbnb as the channel manager! See step 2 here.

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