Checkpoint is useful if you require your guests to go through ID Verification. 

The checkbox on should be ticked: your guests will need to have the "Verified ID" badge from Airbnb to send a request to book.

Checkpoint provides a fix to what happens between the moment your guest intends to book your listing, and the moment you receive the request.

The problem

If you are in this situation, you should know more about the guest experience.

In particular, if they have not yet verified their ID, they are first required to give their payment details, and then are told they need to verify their ID, without knowing why this is required, and what happens to their information.

To make matters worse, Airbnb confirms to the guest that the reservation "has not been sent". Guests are encouraged to complete their ID verification, but they don't risk anything if they don't verify their ID.

However, the reservation (or request to book) has in fact been sent. Because Airbnb has to guarantee the listing's availability for those guests (they have paid, after all), your calendar is blocked to bookings, and to yourself, during the time of the ID verification and for up to 12 hours.

Unfortunately, the host is not notified when a guest is in this limbo state (the guest has paid, but has not yet verified their ID). Even if you could find out, the host cannot contact the guest, and the guest cannot contact the host to ask for help (unless there was a previous conversation).

As a result, guests are encouraged to drop out their reservations, and the host has no way of helping the guest. This means the host leaves money on the table.

The solution

Reservations or requests "pending ID verification" appears on Airbnb's API and can be made accessible to the host with our Checkpoint component. "Checkpoint" is actually Airbnb's code name for this "limbo state".

With Checkpoint, we check your listings every 5 minutes and notify you by email when a guest is in this state.

It is crucial to communicate quickly in this situation since guests will quickly give up their reservation and switch to another booking, or abandon Airbnb entirely.

For that reason, you can program an automatic message to be sent, so that you can offer some help and reassurance to the guest at any point in time. Checkpoint comes pre-loaded with a message template that you can adapt.

The result is that the host is informed of what happens on their calendar, can open a line of communication with the guest, and convey a clear message.

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