Market is our component that automates the monitoring of your placement on Airbnb search results, your rate as it appears to guests, and the rates in your local market by competing listings.

Know your actual position in search results

Airbnb's algorithms have a complex way of placing listings in its search results. For that reason, it is not easy to replicate the way search results are presented to possible guests, and as such, determine your actual search rankings.

When you are logged in, your listings will always appear first. Although incognito mode is the best approximation to determine on your own how your listing is ranked.

We are doing our best to ensure that our servers can pick your actual placement in search results, by making sure that our servers:

  • are served search results without any actionable cookies from Airbnb,
  • never see individual listing details (no history),
  • with a fresh new IP address for every day.

Adapt your prices on the basis of facts

Dynamic pricing has been all the rage lately, and that is a fantastic tool for hosts around the world. However, you may feel algorithms are wrong on the basis of the individual situation of your listings. Market gives you the local intel to actually identify trends and reflect that on your rates.

For this purpose, every Market report will include some aggregate indicators for your market (min, max, median and average rates) and also indicate the number of available listings in your area.

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