As it is pre-setup, Market will propose you to look for your listing in your city. 

This can be changed to any area that your guests may look for. For example, if your city is small, your guests are probably looking in a broader area, but in a larger city, your guests may have a precise neighbourhood in mind.

Here are some examples: 

  • St Louis County, MO,
  • W12, London, United Kingdom,
  • San Francisco, CA 94133, United States
  • Downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, United States.

In order to be useful, the area must be quite large. If you are regularly coming up first in the search results, we recommend you test your listing in a bigger area. Only then will it be possible to see variations of your listing's ranking in a more competitive marketplace.

Here is how to change the area where Market will look for your listing: 

1. Test your area on Airbnb. 

Since we are simulating search results on Airbnb, this means we will be looking for exactly the same area on Airbnb search results. 

Results on Airbnb may greatly differ depending on what is actually searched. "Quebec, Canada" for example, will give results for the Canadian Quebec province, while "Quebec City, Quebec, Canada", will give search results for the city of Quebec. 

Once you have tested that Airbnb gives the results you expect, you can change your area.

2. Go to Market.

If you have several listings, you will be offered the option to choose the listing.

3. Change the area in the "City Searched" field.

You may now change the area where your listing will be searched.

4. Generate.

The next Market report you generate will look for your listing within that exact area. Market reports are manually generated on demand.

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