Security is paramount to our business, as it is for yours. We have designed a system that protects your Airbnb or Vrbo credentials, which we have detailed on our data security page.

Here are some precautions we took:

  • Your Airbnb/Vrbo password is not stored but is processed once to obtain from Airbnb a token that is used to act on your behalf.

  • We are required to have that authentication token to connect to Airbnb's API, and we store that token.

  • That token is encrypted in our database using an RSA key pair (the same algorithm used to encrypt credit card details).

  • The RSA private key, necessary to decrypt your token, is itself encrypted on our database using AES-256 (the same algorithm used to encrypt data to the cloud, on iCloud, Dropbox or the likes).

  • The encrypted private key is stored on a third server, inaccessible from the Internet.

Ultimately, it is always possible to void the token by changing your Airbnb or Vrbo password.

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