Short codes are placeholders for variable details.

They allow you to customize your template with your guest's details (such as their first name) and some information about their inquiry or reservation (such as their check-in date).

The availability of short codes will vary depending on the rules. For example, you are not able to communicate your listing's detailed address before the reservation has been accepted. To see which short codes are available to you, you can click on the link on top of the template editor. There you will also find examples provided in English.

Short codes are multilingual: they will be adapted and translated automatically to the language of the templates, so they can be seamlessly integrated within your messages.

Short codes start and end with % .

To test if short codes are working the way they should, you can run a simulation of your templates against previous conversations. Although simulations use live data from Airbnb, no message will ever be sent when running a simulation. This tool is just for yourself and you can find it under the template in the rule editor.

Short code %total%

The short code %total% is special for a lot of hosts. This allows you to confirm immediately the actual price of the reservation, as shown to the guest on Airbnb, in their local currency.

For example, if a guest from the United States is booking a listing in Italy, the total price will be in $US. The currency symbol is included within the text that will replace the short codes.

The amount shown will not match the payout that you will receive from Airbnb, because guests will pay an additional 6 to 12% commission to Airbnb and, when applicable, occupancy taxes. The actual price paid by the guest is never shown to the host.

Our short code %total% repeats the quote as given by Airbnb, at the moment of sending the message, so you can rest assured that this is the price your guests will see from their end.

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