For some individuals, in certain jurisdictions, hosting people through short-term rental websites can get them into trouble, in spite of the excellent hospitality they provide.

This component may be used in such jurisdictions to unlist the property from Airbnb during business hours (when it is generally more likely to be found by municipalities), and then put it back online in the evening, when it is more likely to be seen by guests.

Since the listing is no longer advertised during the day, activating Stealth will result in a loss of activity over that listing. It may also protect your business activity over the long run.

As a host, you can configure the Stealth component to meet your needs:

  • Choose at which time the listing should be unlisted (between 6 am and noon).
  • Choose at which time the listing should be back online (between 4 pm and 10 pm).
  • Disable the Stealth component on weekends, so that you can have a regular booking activity.

Stealth users are advised that there is no guarantee of any kind coming with this feature, regarding the loss of business or prosecution. The host is responsible for any legal responsibility arising out of their business and the use of that feature. 

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