Heartbeats (formerly Auto-Update) will automatically send a signal to Airbnb that your listing is still active, every 15 minutes. But how will it help you?

It helps you get inquiries and bookings

Guests are looking through hundreds, possibly thousands of listings. It is highly likely that they will be looking for any reason to eliminate a listing. That is how Heartbeats can help first and foremost, by making sure that at any time of the day, your listing appears still active.

Here is the example of a listing without Heartbeats.

Here is the example of another listing with Heartbeats activated.

Do you notice the "Updated today" on the second listing, instead of "Updated 14 days ago"?

That simple information is systematically displayed whenever a potential guest is checking for your availability and rates. When they are at this point, they probably want to check the price and are interested in your listing.

From the perspective of the guest, the host in the second listing:

  • Is more committed to host.
  • Is probably more responsive if he has been on Airbnb recently.
  • Is updating their listings' availabilities frequently, reducing the risk of sending an inquiry to be told that the listing is not available.

It might have a direct effect on your placement in search results

Blogs from hosts have been documenting that updating regularly your calendar might "hack the Airbnb search algorithm". Although there is an advantage is presenting an updating calendar, this is one of many parameters.

The most important way to improve your search placement, after reviews, will be to reduce your response time through solutions like our Messaging components, and to maintain a high conversion rate.

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