The problem

Most hosts like to send a short message to ensure that everything is okay on the first day after the check-in, and send check-out instructions a day before the check-out.

The actual order of messages might be counterintuitive if you host people for one or 2 nights.

Many hosts have a check-in time in the beginning of the afternoon (2 pm for example), and a check-out time in the morning (11 am for example).

  • A guest staying for 2 nights will first receive check-out instructions (at 11 am, one day before the check-out, as instructed), then a short message to wonder if everything is okay (at 2 pm, one day after the check-in, as instructed).
  • If the guest stays for one night only, they would even receive check-out instructions on the day of their arrival, before their stay has begun (one day before the check-out!) and the short message, at 2 pm, one day after the check-in... which is probably after they even left.

This is probably not the experience you had in mind!

Luckily, there are many solutions to make sure your messages are received as you planned.

The solutions

Manually edit or delete messages

Although the Reservations flow is automatic (messages are sent automatically), you always have an opportunity to edit scheduled messages or to delete them entirely.

Ultimately, this gives you a complete control over the messages you accept to send and their exact content.

Precisely tune your timing

Rather than scheduling your messages one day after/before the check-in (or the check-out), it often makes more sense to actually count the number of hours.

For example, you probably want to send a short welcoming message on the first morning (for example 9 am), instead of 24 hours since the check-in time (2 pm in our example).

You can access the timing settings in the rule editor, in the Additional Settings panel.

For example, you may send a message 18 hours after your check-in at 2 pm, to make sure that your guests will receive your intended message at 9 am. Why not include some suggestions for breakfast?

Note: changing the timing of rules may require us to refresh the timelines for future reservations. This will be done in the background. If a message is due to be sent, you will receive an email warning. If you take no action, the message will be sent after 30 minutes.

Only include some messages depending on the duration of the reservation

You also have the option to only include messages for some reservations by the duration of the reservation.

If a guest is staying just one night, you probably don't need to send a short message to make sure that everything is okay, and then another one for the check-out. What may make more sense is to send only one message, in the morning, to remind them of the check-out time (if you deem it necessary).

You may, therefore, create one rule, just for one night (or 2 nights) reservations and decide to only include this rule for one night reservations (or only for one or 2-night reservations).
To change this option, select the rule you wish to edit, and select your option under the Additional settings panel.

Please make sure that other messages, that should not be sent, are not included for all reservations. They should be restricted to longer reservations (depending on your wishes and hosting requirements, either 2 nights and longer, or 3 nights and longer).


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