This article is relevant if you have recently added a new listing to an Airbnb account that is connected to Smartbnb. 

If you are looking to add a new Airbnb account to Smartbnb, please follow the instructions in this article: how to add a new Airbnb account to Smartbnb? You can add as many Airbnb accounts as you would like to your Smartbnb account.

Request an account update

Smartbnb performs a background update of your listings every 2 hours. In general, that is sufficient to make sure that a listing you may be creating will be recognised by Smartbnb when it becomes publicly listed and start receiving inquiries.

In some situations, however, you may want to speed up the process and trigger the update manually. 

  1. Go to the Connected Account page (available from your top-right menu).
  2. Choose the Airbnb account under which the new listing is available. 
  3. Click "Re-sync".

This will trigger an account update, which will sync Smartbnb with your most recent Airbnb settings and listings.

The account update can be triggered manually as many times as you wish, and will re-occur every 2 hours.

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