Automation works best when everything is going fine. 

When this is no longer the case, it is best to handle reviews manually and to give honest feedback that will be appreciated by the community. This is why you can edit all the details of your reviews, as soon as the review is captured. 

Timing is key

The main issue of the publication of a negative review is timing. Usually, you do not want to rush publishing a negative review. It is best to send it at the last second, so as not to encourage your guests to write a review that may be negative.

This is why we have included the "Bad review" button in the reviews editor. 

Pressing this button after saving the review will reschedule the publication of your review 20 seconds before the review period is due to expire. 

You want to write a negative review

If a guest has already written their review, publishing your review at the last minute means that their comments will remain invisible as long as possible. It should give you a chance to collect several other reviews within the 14 days review period, limiting the negative impact of a possible negative review.

If a guest has not published their review, and the stay resulted in a negative experience from your perspective, it is probably best to limit the chances of receiving a potentially negative review as well. In fact, in most cases, guests will publish a review only because they are curious to read the host's review. Publishing very close to the time of the reviewing period expiration reduces that risk.

You expect to receive a negative review from your guest

Without automatic reviews, you have two ways to handle an expectation of a negative review from a guest.

  • letting the review expire and not provide feedback on your experience, protecting your listing against this negative review for the full 14 days review period;
  • providing feedback and accept the earlier publication of a possible negative review on your listing.

With Smartbnb, there is the possibility of publishing your honest review while giving you time to gather additional reviews in the meantime. You can naturally also use the "Bad review" in this case and reschedule your review until the very end.

We believe the option of delaying a review gives you the chance to offer your honest feedback on the stay, while limiting damage to your reputation.

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